Maison Brummell Majorelle

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A new boutique hotel in Marrakech.

Inspired by the local vernacular, without replicating it, we have created a unique and playful contemporary language while maintaining a textural reference to the site’s rich history. An abundance of lush vegetation and running water in various volumes conjures up the notion of oasis.

Beginning with a sculptural solid mass, we carved selected incisions and voids varying in scale where necessary. This provides a variety of spatial experiences through scale, light and shadow. The surrounding gardens use a similar language. Varying levels of planting form private gardens for guests and a dynamic layer of foliage throughout, contrasting to the sculptural building form and enhancing the idea of urban oasis.

The exterior is comprised of various plaster finishes, handmade tiles and local terrazzo to public zones, including the entrance wall defining its presence on the street. Highlights of brass denote transitions between various areas, from street to hotel, and from public to private spaces.

Photography by Emily Andrews

The legacy of the traditional building methods was essential to the project, fully utilising  local materials and exquisite artisanal craftsmanship to create a contemporary building typology. This also enabled a more a sustainable building solution.

Inspired by the language of Moroccan architecture, and interpreted through the eyes of a foreigner, it is not immediately recognisable as typical local architecture but there are elements in its language that reference local forms and shapes.

It was important to be playful. This is not a serious building but rather and enchanting one that (hopefully) evokes delight. It is neither prescriptive nor wanting to replicate local architecture.  

The brief was to create a unique and memorable destination. It pays homage to Morocco’s rich architectural history including all the finishes throughout but intentionally references them in a less traditional manner.
An important function of the Maison is relaxation and contemplation. A minimal (though luxurious) interpretaion of a traditonal hammam situated on the lower floor.